Corporate Health Programs

If your company has a need for health services, we can help! We can visit your workplace each week, every two weeks or monthly and offer services and resources for several issues your employees might have.

These include hypertension, prediabetes or diabetes, education on how they can get and stay healthy, ways to help with obesity including diet and exercise, treatment for COPD, treatment for asthma, ways to help with heart disease, treatment of hyperlipidemia (abnormally elevated levels of fats, cholesterol, or triglycerides; ways to help with depression or anxiety, insomnia, stroke prevention or recovery, help with dealing with tobacco, alcohol or substance abuse and working with employees to manage stress.

Helping employees with health issues could increase morale in your workplace because employees feel better.

Also, we can work with you on starting a wellness or preventative care program for your company.

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